Deus Ex : Mankind Divided

Anyone else feel like this was half a game???

Im not saying that Mankind Divided is a bad game because its anything but, the gameplay is very familiar with Human Revolution and the Praxis/Augmentation ssystem is very similar to the reboot. SO with that being said although the game draws upon the core awesomeness that was Human Revolution it felt very half arsed, the stealth, the gunplay, the AI/NPC’s, the story (especially the bloody story) the atmosphere…..Here’s what i mean….well expand on things.

1. The Stealth/Cover 2 Cover – This was what made the reboot possible to play over and over again, the tactics, the alternate route all to complete the objective withou so much as an arse hair being disturbed on the enemy. In Mankind Divided though it felt odd, i could not quite put my finger on it until i got onto a second playthrough, all in all the system felt severly OP, upgrade your batteries in the augment menu by throwing a few quid at it (ill get more onto this later) and you can become stupidly OP from the word go and thus losing the challenge of the stealth play.

2. The Gunplay – Not much to say on this to be honest, it feels exactly the same as the first game just cut and paste with the same weapons (i mean seriously guys you could have added something new) still very clunky, very juttery…as you’re playing someone with augmented abilities i would have thought that you’d move with a bit more finess rather then a fat kid on a unicycle swinging an axe.

3. The AI/NPC’s – MY GAWD SERIOUSLY…….again cut and paste, one or two new enemies which was cool but not much of a challenge to be honest which is a shame as the difficulty ffrom the NPC’s was what made the previous installment controller smashing fun!!. WHERE WERE THE BOSS FIGHTS?!?!?!

4. The Story – OK……OK……breathe…..and……WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT STORY, sorry sorry. I Love a good story, its what i play games for i want to be taken to another world, to be challenged with choices that (lets be honest here) dont really matter in the real world but in the game can change the outccome of the story and thus your experience. It felt like this was missing and to be honest it kind of ruined the part of the immersion for me, i didnt feel the weight or pressure to make any right decisions.

So enough faffing about onto my main issue with the story….its incomplete and incoherent, ffor those of you who dont know (dont mean to insult your intelligence) a story consists of either a Start Middle and End or Act I,II or III respectively and maybe a prologue to explain events between sequels or as a catcch up for players NOW Mankind Divided did have a prologue which was probably the best part of Mankind Divided.. The start of the game was pretty much the same setup as Human Revolution, Something bad happens, new employer, something not quite right, new boss is a bit of a dick. its the same thing all over again….i never asked for this, if i wanted a formulaic story where everythings the same id go play Call Of Duty and so once again we are in a story where we have to do shady things with no recourse and maybe just maybe punch a few police officers in the face.

And thats the first part of the game covered, in the second part of the game theres a few loose events that string everything together making it feel like a sub arc of the real story …which just isnt there, it feels like you are being pushed around by the game developer to achieve some goal thats never explained nor apparent, sure theres the illuminati thing and the terrorist arc but its not cemented nor pushed enough to the point that makes me want to block out the sun put on some sunglasses and lock myself in a room for a month playing the game and swinging my arms around throwing ping pong balls thinking im a walking weapon.

And Now onto what should be the best part of the game, the culmination, the  apogée, where things come together and theories/ideas are either confirmed or stamped out like the hopes of Half Life 3 happening in the next century. Just as the game starts gettting good BAM….end credits….WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK….now im confused, angry and a tad ashamed… wallets sat in the corner shaking and whimpering to itself because i bought the bloody collectors edition and got given 2/3rds of a game….my only assumption is that the rest of the story is being held hostage until the developer decides they have recieved enough funds to pay the writers or its a new marketing strategy that i dont particulary care for. The last part of the story is missing, yeah you had the morality choice that i particulary didnt care about (sorry to say) because it really didnt matter …..its like watching Usual Suspects in the cinema and just as you’re about to find out who the killer is the projector gets switched off and to see the rest will cost an extra fiver.

5.The Atmosphere – Now this is more of a game design observation rather then a story telling one, the game was far too bright  for a game where there’s supposed to be a socialogical divide between Humans and Augs. The whole game was far too clean for my liking (yes this is personal preference) but its too clean, even the Golem City was clean…wasnt right, should be dark and disgusting, a place of oppression akin to a ghetto.

Now ive banged on about what annoyed me in this game and to be honest theres nothing major in the game that i would give an upvote, apart from the new game engine and textures , thats about it. Everything else is mediocre at best  which is a shame, this game could have been so much more but in the end it was so much less.

Thanks for reading if you got this far!!

Mellon Out

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